A Truly Northern Brand of Beef

Our Story

In 2005, a group of local family farmers from Algoma joined under the guidance of the Ontario Cattleman’s Association to collectively sell a high quality, locally produced, brand of beef native to Northern Ontario. Since that time the company was consolidated and bought by two of its members, Mike Tulloch and Chris Gordon. Both are local farmers who have a deep family history of farming and a passion to provide high-quality products to the local community. 

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Our Animal Diet

Penokean Hill's farmers have a commitment to quality, ethical treatment of animals and humane farming practices that exceed that of the national standards. These commitments are carried through to the diet of each and every animal. Penokean Hills Farms carries two lines of product; Pea-Barley Finished cattle and Grass-Fed cattle. For each line, the animals are all-naturally raised, free-range and are given no hormones, anti-biotics or corn of any kind.


Our Abattoir

Purchased by Penokean Hills Farms in 2015, the local abattoir plays a vital role to the farming community,r as the only abattoir in located in the entire district of Algoma. The local farmers and community members use its services year-round for beef, pork, lamb, bison, rabbit, chicken, turkey and much more. It currently employs a half a dozen full-time employees and a dozen part-time employees.