Side of Beef (Deposit)
Side of Beef (Deposit) Side of Beef (Deposit) Side of Beef (Deposit) Side of Beef (Deposit) Side of Beef (Deposit) Side of Beef (Deposit) Side of Beef (Deposit) Side of Beef (Deposit) Side of Beef (Deposit)

Penokean Hills Farms sells sides and quarters of beef at a discount from regular retail pricing. How it works:

Side orders are charged at $4.95/lb. The price is based on the 'Hot Hanging Weight' of the animal which is a side of beef after it has been dressed and hung at the abattoir. A typical Pea/Barley side is about 425lbs. You can request a smaller or larger side and we will do our best to accommodate. 

For any side order we first take a $1,000 deposit to secure your animal (payable online or by cash/credit/cheque in person). We then go through a cutting sheet with you to customize your order to suit your specific needs. All of our beef is hung for three weeks to age and then cut to your specs. Pickup of your beef can be done at the Mill Market in Sault Ste. Marie, at the Abattoir in Bruce Mines or we can arrange for a meet-up point in Sudbury as well at which time the remainder is due. We will email you an invoice with the amount owing once we have selected a side and know the weight you will be charged for.

By purchasing this product online, you are paying for the deposit to secure your order and someone will be in touch with you to customize the order. If you have any questions or need to contact us, please call 705.971.6328.

PLEASE NOTE: While we do not offer shipping at this time, we do offer a number of convenient pickup locations. Please indicate the location of your choice when on the 'Cart' page. Options include:

- The Mill Market (Sault Ste. Marie)
- The Abattoir (Bruce Mines)
- Sudbury